MELVILLE, NY (March 24, 2017) – Bruno, Gerbino & Soriano (BG&S) LLP wasted no time responding to a community member in need when in less than two days managed to prevent the property loss of the East Orange Community Development Corp., a private, non-profit social service agency that serves its residents in many programs including help with rent, shelter, food, clothing, employment services, case management and childcare.

“It was great to be able to help Kevin Taylor and his group in such a transformative way because they are such a vital part of the East Orange community and help so many people,” said Shay Deshpande, the BG&S attorney who led the case after joining the firm as partner in its Ramsey office in March.

Deshpande recalled receiving the urgent call from Taylor asking for help after learning that the building’s owner, Cadle Company II, Inc. had foreclosed on the building due to an unpaid debt and that a sheriff’s sale was scheduled.

But after Taylor alleged that the East Orange Community Development Corp. did not have notice of the sheriff’s sale of their property, Deshpande knew that legal intervention was needed quickly so he filed an Order to Show Cause before Judge Keith E. Lynott, J.S.C.

Less than 48 hours later, Deshpande had secured a stay on the sale of the property and permission for the East Orange Community Development Center to redeem their property in 45 days from April 28 by paying off the debt owed to the Cadle Company.

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