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Some Answers When You Ask Us “Why Choose BGSA?”

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Can you defend us in "Slip and Falls"?

Yes, this is a strength of ours. You know how customers look for lawsuits and falsify or exaggerate injuries regardless of whether they are actually legitimate? Well, at BGS, what we do is first prove that the accident actually happened, dig a little deeper and question everything. As far as we’re concerned, there is no such thing as a standard deposition!

What is your approach?

We believe in being aggressive – aggressive in our approach, aggressive in our due diligence, and aggressive in our scrutiny. We check the investigator’s report in detail and dig deeply into it. For example, in an auto case, we’ll call the client directly. We want to know who we’re dealing with, what their story is, look at their background and check their credibility.

We are an insurance carrier looking for help. What can you offer?

You know how medical providers’ claims are often excessive or more severe that the claim calls for? Well, what we’ll do is dig deeper to investigate, question everything, establish that an accident did or did not happen and heavily scrutinize everything they do. In our view, there’s no standard protocol and everything needs to be looked at.

Tell us more about how you take depositions?

We are often asked to take a statement or a deposition in unconventional locations or at odd times, and we do it. We go to nursing homes, apartments, tough neighborhoods, prisons, project buildings or whatever. Nothing intimidates us and we handle those ourselves.

We are concerned about managing our fleet risk. Can you help?

Most accidents happen because of either weather or driver error, right? Well what we do is figure out when the truck started its day, did the driver precheck the truck, follow risk management protocol and when did the incident occur, what was the location, the speed and so on—in other words did the driver follow the rules or do we have another challenge? From our perspective, there is no standard protocol and everything little thing needs to be checked and looked at.

What about "Standard auto"? What can you do?

So, you know how you drive through the streets of Brooklyn and none of the vehicles have a New York license plate? Funny, right? Well what we do is leave no stone unturned, find out where people reside, where the car came from, where is it kept and how they get home. There is no standard script, from our point of view. We dig deeper in all cases and heavily scrutinize everything.

Can you tell us about your attorneys?

Because we are never satisfied and do the opposite of what standard protocol looks like, we are really busy and believe that hard work pays off. Our job is to worry about your case so that you don’t have to. In our organization, the more experience you have, the more likely you are to be out trying a case. We believe that complex issues necessitate top level people and our junior people act mostly in support roles.

We are a smaller company. How will you work with us?

We don’t care if you are Allstate Insurance, the Tribune Company, or Geico (all clients of ours) or a smaller operation—we treat every client the same way. You will receive top service from our lawyers and our support staff.



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