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Appellate Practice

With offices in New York and New Jersey, BGSA, LLP maintains a robust appellate practice focused on insurance litigation in our core practice areas. Our attorneys combine extensive experience in insurance defense law and deep industry knowledge to effectively represent our clients’ interests on appeal.

At Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP, our insurance defense practice includes representing insurers in all coverage-related matters on appeal. We handle all appeals generated by our offices as well as matters referred to us by other attorneys and law firms, and our appellate attorneys have extensive backgrounds in insurance defense as well as appellate practice in both state and federal court.

Insurance Defense Appeals

As a mid-sized law firm focused exclusively on insurance claims defense, we have the resources and intellectual capital necessary to effectively represent insurers in complex appeals. Our attorneys regularly handle appellate matters in our core practice areas:

  • First party insurance claims
  • General liability coverage disputes
  • No-fault insurance claims

With our insurance law knowledge and substantial experience in insurance litigation appeals, we are able to efficiently assess cases to determine when appeals are warranted. Our experience includes representing insurance companies in virtually all types of insurance coverage disputes and appeals, including matters involving:

  • Allegations of bad faith insurance practices
  • Breach of contract
  • Exaggerated claims and insurance fraud
  • Priority issues
  • Subrogation and indemnity issues

This includes, but is not limited to, claims seeking coverage for: business interruption, construction accidents, employment practices liability, errors and omissions, personal injury, premises liability, product liability, property damage, and vehicle collisions.

About Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP

Founded in Long Island, New York in 1996, BGSA is an insurance defense law firm that represents insurers and other corporate clients in investigations, settlement negotiations, arbitration, litigation, and appeals. We significantly extended our reach with the opening of our New Jersey office in 2013, and this has allowed us to enhance the level of service we are able to offer to our clients. With distinguished academic backgrounds and prior experience at big insurance defense firms in New York City, many of our attorneys have been with the firm for well over a decade.

Speak with an Appellate Lawyer at BGSA

If you would like more information about BGSA’s appellate practice, please feel free to get in touch. You can reach our New York headquarters at (631) 390-0010 and our New Jersey office at (201) 995-1394, or use our contact form to request a consultation online.



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Head Office

Melville, NY

The main offices of Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP are located in Melville, NY.

Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP
445 Broad Hollow Rd
Suite 420
Melville, NY 11747

Phone: (631) 390-0010
Fax: (631) 393-5497

Branch Office

Ramsey, NJ

The New Jersey office of Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP is located in Ramsey, NJ.

Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP
70 Hilltop Rd
Suite 1000
Ramsey, NJ 07446

Phone: (201) 995-1394
Fax: (201) 995-1398

Branch Office

Buffalo, NY

The upstate NY office of Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP is located in Buffalo, NY.

Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP
13 East Mohawk St
Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14203

Phone: (631) 390-0010
Fax: (631) 393-5497


Branch Office

Elmwood Park, NY


The second NJ office of Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP is located in Elmwood Park, NJ.

Bruno, Gerbino, Soriano & Aitken, LLP
406 US Highway 46 E.
Elmwood Park, NJ 07407

Phone: (631) 390-0010
Fax: (631) 393-5497


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