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First Party Insurance Defense

Our team of 40+ attorneys provides insightful representation for analyzing and defending against first party insurance claims. With offices in New York and New Jersey, we have a proven track record of successfully defending insurance companies in bad-faith insurance claims and other disputes with their insureds.

We maintain an active practice devoted to representing insurance companies in first party claims. From advising insurers on initial coverage determinations to representing insurance companies in litigation initiated by their policyholders, our attorneys bring extensive industry knowledge and legal experience to first party insurance matters in New York and New Jersey.

Experienced Insurance Lawyers for First Party Claims

At BGSA, LLP, our first party practice includes representing insurance companies in claims such as, but not limited to:

  • Personal injury claims in motor vehicle and other accidents
  • Property damage claims under commercial and home insurance policies
  • Business interruption claims and claims for other businesses losses
  • Crime loss claims (burglary and theft)
  • Windstorm, hurricane, flood, fire, and mold coverage claims
  • Claims for environmental losses

Evaluating First Party Coverage Claims

In advising insurance companies on first party claims, we focus on conducting thorough investigations and providing sound interpretations of policy language. Through obtaining comprehensive Examinations Under Oath (EUO) and other methods, our attorneys seek to identify all justifiable grounds for mitigating insurers’ liability. This includes advising insurers on denials involving:

  • Exaggerated claims
  • Excluded losses
  • Intentional acts and other forms of insurance fraud

Defending First Party Insurance Litigation

Unfortunately, for most insurers, first party litigation is inevitable. If your company has been sued or is facing a demand for arbitration from an insured, our attorneys will mount a vigorous defense. We have broad experience in first party insurance litigation, having successfully defended insurers in lawsuits involving allegations such as: bad faith, breach of contract, statutory violations, negligence, and fraud. We take a cost-effective approach to first party litigation, seeking to settle where appropriate and going to court when necessary to defend our clients’ coverage denials.

Speak with a First Party Insurance Defense Lawyer at BGSA, LLP

To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, contact our headquarters in New York at (631) 390-0010 or our New Jersey office at (201) 995-1394, or use our contact form to request a consultation online. At BGSA, LLP, we represent many of the world’s leading insurance companies, and we would be happy to assist you with your first party claims.



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