Why We Do What We Do

At Bruno Gerbino & Soriano LLP (BG&S) we believe that it’s not just about winning cases. Our goal is to make your company stronger and your life better, which allows you to “become more.” We are a team of individuals who work together as a team. We value unique abilities, diversity and the willingness to learn, tackle challenges and grow. We infuse this inclusive, balanced philosophy in everything we do, recognizing that each client we work with deserves the benefits that a team of valuable employees brings.

Because we are constantly learning, we are able to bring you unparalleled support and counsel. And because we see our clients as people, not just another docket number, you will feel comfortable and confident throughout the process. We realize that no one case is the same, so our approach is tailored to our clients’ needs. At the same time, we are vigilant and tireless in doing extensive, creative research that is needed to prove misrepresentation or get you the verdict you need.

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Making a Difference in Law

BG&S Proves Misrepresentation to Score Big Win for Mercury

In July Judge Wavny Touissant dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint and ruled in favor of BG&S’s client, Mercury Casualty Company. Providing ample evidence that proved the insured had misrepresented herself in both residence and an erroneous Bad Faith claim, BG&S was able to secure a dismissal.
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Attorney Spotlight

As a founding partner, Mr. Gerbino is committed to getting his clients the decisions they need using his nearly 30 years of experience, extensive research and a teamwork approach throughout the firm. With a focus on no-fault medical provider fraud investigations and affirmative recovery suit litigation, he leads multi-faceted investigations on behalf of insurance clients and routinely conducts Examinations Under Oath of claimants and medical providers. Read more.

Legal Resources

Staging an Auto Accident is Now a Crime in N.Y.
In August N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that makes staged motor vehicle accidents a crime starting on November 1. Read all about “Alice’s Law” here.

Governor Murphy’s New Law Overturns March Decision
On August 15 N.J. Governor Phil Murphy signed into law a bill that now allows for the recovery of all medical expenses unpaid or not covered by the limits of an injured party’s PIP coverage, essentially leaving the door open for excess expenses at the time of trial. For more details, visit here. An article from the N.J. Association for Justice can be found here.

N.Y. Governor Extends Statute of Limitations for Domestic Violence Suits
In September Governor Cuomo signed legislation (S.2416/A.1945) to increase the statute of limitations for civil suits related to injury caused by domestic violence from one year to two years. The legislation became effective immediately. For more details, click here.

Trying to Curb Fraud
It has been estimated that fraud steals $80 billion a year across all lines of insurance (Coalition Against Insurance Fraud). Learn what some insurance companies are doing about it here.

In the News

Simon Sinek on why leaders make you feel safe.
Tune into the latest TEDx by British-American author and motivational speaker, Simon Sinek and his take on what makes leaders tick here.

Have you ever wondered what law will be like in space?
Read this recent article in the Washington Post here.

Space Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

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